Job duties of the Technical Support Specialist

The organization of a Resume Example for IT Technical Support Engineer depends on the company and the service option. Such professionals can work both with external users and within a particular organization. Naturally, the tasks and nuances of the activity are also determined by the set of software used, the number of users, etc.

Several main responsibilities of a Technical Support Engineer can be distinguished:

  • participation in the configuration of computers and computer networks;
  • installation of operating systems and necessary programs;
  • administration of computer networks;
  • server maintenance;
  • solving various problems with office equipment;
  • solving any technical problems;
  • consultation of users.

Pros and cons

Among the main advantages of this profession are the following:

  • A fairly high demand;
  • Opportunity for career growth;
  • The likelihood of further training and continuation of work in the IT-sphere;
  • Relatively low threshold of entry (the possibility of starting a career without higher education in the field).

Main disadvantages:

  • The large amount of information that needs to be learned;
  • The need to master new software products;
  • Close interaction with a large number of people.

Training. Career. Requirements

Graduates of colleges and technical colleges, who have graduated in computer specialties may well apply for the position of a technical support specialist. There is also an option of starting a career after specialized courses. It is worth understanding that the requirements for technical support workers can vary markedly. Sometimes an average level of knowledge is required from a specialist, while in other cases it is necessary to constantly improve their professional intellect and master new technologies in order to be successful. To do this, it is important to be able to allocate your free time and spend most of it on self-study.

Job Search

The job search in the IT field is complicated by the large number of applicants with minimal (or no) work experience. In the case of technical support specialists, you can also observe a similar trend. Nevertheless, this position is not on the list of prestigious IT occupations, which makes it much easier for active and hardworking applicants to find a job.