Much clearer than

/ Much clearer than

The earliest recorded orgasm science-orgasm 3-year girls who had seen her mother — and reported about her behaviour Alfred Kinsey. Kinsey foolishly faithfully — the year 1953 stood 10th — included detailed description in the book “female sexual behavior. Although he has never seen the child, as well as other people described in his book, he was accused of pederasty, and this accusation had him for many years.

“It’s time to go,” the darkly pronounces Ed. Dr. Deng is coming to us in khaki pants and a white lab coat. His age is difficult to determine. His graying hair stick out as the young, in all directions. Although he arrived in London 10 years ago, he said gently, with a minimum of frills. England left in his speeches trail only occasionally lighted by “brilliantly” and “cheers.” Things such as humor and sarcasm, it seems, sometimes, and maybe he just completely overwhelmed by their task. Dr. Deng showed us, where you can change clothes.

on posture, he says, when we return is already in hospital shirts. He wants us to lay on its side, like a spoon. (Roughly the same there and in instructions: we will be asked to enter the penis into the vagina from behind.) I think it would be better to turn to dance, continues Dr. Deng rather than to him. So more romantically, he added. On the wall hangs a painting depicting a seaside town on the hills. Like looking at her, we will be able to convince yourself that the trailers on the Amalfi coast or the doctor Deng moved there: too bad. I now turn off the light.

Oh, I apologize — Dr. Deng with obvious chagrin. Suddenly he brightened up. I can turn on my laptop and take viagra in Australia. I have the soundtrack of “Notre-Dame”.

His efforts are pathetic, albeit useless. To make this situation a romantic, sexual or even just normal is impossible. It will still be a medical procedure is the procedure that you want to pass.

Dr. Deng is hiding behind the door, and returned with a large envelope, which stretches Edu. In the envelope is an instance of the English version of the magazine Maxim.

And here comes the moment — as in bad užastikah — when people with bad intentions explicitly closes the door with the key. And viewers time to fear for the hero. That is, the fear for us. Dr. Deng zaŝelkivaet Castle. I feverishly thread one phrase to another: “what you have is an amazing machine, why did you become interested in rentgenologiej if there is a good pub is nearby, he’ll need.

Much clearer than I thought. Very … Hmm, you could wait a bit? We have too much data. As Dr. Deng should reboot. Fortunately, it takes only a few seconds. Because Ed too feels the urgent need to reboot.

Ed  supports lazy rhythm. They talk about Dr. Deng children. I mentally make notes. More specifically, half of me. I feel, as a Secretary in skabreznoj French comedy that quietly sits at the table, holding any letter, and under the table one Messenger boy face buried between her legs.

But in “California Exotic Noveltiz» artificial human sperm is not sold, and because scientists from Albany invented it themselves. Have tried several recipes and three sexually experienced men did an expert opinion. Here is the recipe-the winner, chosen by the judges.

Artificial sperm through a syringe injected into the vagina, previously greased with lubrikantom (now from California Exotic Noveltiz “). In front of the camera enabled were introduced and removed three various Phalluses, including control — without the corolla on the head. To see how much seed opponent manages to squeeze out every phallus, vagina is weighed before and after.

The results support the theory of groups: both plausible phallus (California buyers Exo-TEC Noveltiz “call them” dongami “) pushed the 91% of the seed, whereas control Dong without thickening left 65%.

In my view, what happened in the observation of Dr. Deng, has sex with about the same ratio as the smile before the camera to this smile. It was a cold, wedged, sudorozhny sex. In all but the movements involved parts, that was quite unlike what happens between husband and myself when no one with Boca stranger males, and with another-ultrasonic probe. Ultrasonic shooting, although, no doubt, and bring some benefits, have little to do with the complex and diverse body of spiritual entity that we call sex. Sex is much more than the sum of its moving parts.

But you can’t lose sight of attention and these parts. If the part does not operate as it should, the result is controversial. And eighteen million American men are not working as it should or at least worked once. Next: beautiful places, sometimes horrible, always surreal world of science of erections.